Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have a question for Customer Support?
A: Please direct all support inquries to

Q: How do I get Discoboard in my server?
A: Simply click the "Add to Discord" button in the top of the web page and select the server you want from the menu. Discoboard will then show up in your server.

Q: How do I get Discoboard out of my server?
A: Just kick it from the server. I won't take offense, I promise.

Q: How do I increase my sound limit?
A: Subscribe for Discoboard and once the payment is processed, you will immediately be given the extra sounds.

Q: How do only let you use Discoboard in certain channels?
A: In the Discoboard Settings page, you can specify which voice channels Discoboard is allowed to enter.

Q: What happens to my sounds when I cancel my subscription?
A: We keep them in storage, ready for you to use when you subscribe again

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